Honda Grand or Supra old motorcycle ignition circuit system line

Hello Friend mazyanto, back again with a discussion of the ignition path on the Honda grand or honda supra motorcycle yes, this motorcycle is classified as an old motorcycle but its existence is still very high demand, this 2000s motorcycle is very suitable for garden motorcycles.

Many advantages possessed by this motor so that many of its users, one of which is relatively economical fuel, easy maintenance and repair, the price of its component equipment is also easily cheap and easy to find and no less important is powerful as well.

Honda grand is a type of vehicle whose ignition is of the AC type so that even without batrai the motor can still be used, so it’s not complicated anymore like the current erbaru output motor, hehe.

Well in this discussion I will try to explain about the system and the ignition Circuit honda grand.

Ignition components on Honda Grand motorcycles

1. Spull

2. Fulser

3. CDI

4. Coil

5. Spark plugs

Honda Grand or Supra old motorcycle ignition circuit system line

Well above is the ignition component that works on honda grand vehicles, and now how it works and the flow, see the explanation below:


We can see in the cdi image above there are 5 branches connected to some of the above components such as:

The color of the black and yellow wires from the CDI to the coil, serves to continuously ignition to the spark plug, and the coil itself increases the voltage to be greater so that the spark plug can spark perfectly.

The color of this red /black cable is the output cable from the spool to the CDI, this cable serves to forward the ignition from the spool to be forwarded to the CDI which will then be forwarded again to the coil, meaning that this spool is the source of ignition.

Cable color blue yellow, this is the output cable from pulser menuu to CDI.  This cable serves to forward the ignition signal from the pulser to tell when it is time to sprinkle the ignition current. So the pulser is the signal source.

The color of the black and white cable is the output cable of the CDI to the ignition, this line has a function as an on/off switch or to turn off the ignition so that the engine dies.

The green cable color represents the lifetime of the CDI itself.

Well the explanation above is a sequence of ignition circuits ranging from Spark Plugs, coils, CDI, Pulser and Spull then the ignition switch as a breaker and ignition current connector.

Samapai here first an explanation of the Honda grand ignition circuit, hopefully this information is useful and see you in the next article.

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